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Bestuur NBCC
Clubkampioenen 2011
Clubkampioenen 2010
Clubkampioenen vanaf 1971
Statuten en Huishoudelijk reglement
Clubkampioenen vanaf 1971

Clubwinnaars Schoonheid, Behendigheid en Gehoorzaamheid vanaf 1971

Clubwinnaars Schoonheid 

2016    Multi Ch. Beardie Connections Kenji, NJK W14 & W15
2015    Bono's Watchful Eye Al Capone NJK, BEN JW
2013    Snugglebear Miene Vreund
2012    Clan of Stork's Kaliber
2011    Geen clubmatch
2010    Ch. Potterdale Persistant
2009    Ch. Ivory Ichodorro of Pribardom
2008    No-Nonsense's Fredrikson
2007    Ch. Ivory Ichodorro of Pribardom
2006    Multi Ch. Scottsdale Original
2005    Ultra Tendance des Bergers des Mille et une Nuit
2004    Sunday Morning Crush on You
2003    Romeresque des Bergers des Mille et une Nuit
2002    Firstprizebears Z'Tampa
2001    Ch. Moonhill's Philemon's Dream
2000    Ch. Firstprizebears Niagara Falls
1999    Charncroft Cool Touch
1998    Ch. No-Nonsense's Sundance
1997    Ch. No-Nonsense's Sundance
1994    Ch. Lord Lennon of Pribardom
1993    Ch. Charncroft Caleb
1992    Ch. Mister Matchless of Debora's Farm
1991    Ch. Grand Affair Adorable Lady Pearly
1990    Ch. Mister Matchless of Debora's Farm
1989    Ch. Domeo Benmore of Pribardom
1988    Ch. Shilstone Choir Boy
1987    Ch. Osmart Queen Lucky Number
1986    Orora's Capability Brown
1985    Ch. Shilstone Choir Boy
1984    Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott
1983    Ch. Beagold Black Moses
1982    Ch. Beagold Bruin Scott
1981    Ch. Gentle Ailis van House of Mark
1980    Nellony van Fakinojelgri
1979    Willowmead Solitair
1978    Mitchell's Hawkeye
1977    Willowmead Solitair
1976    Mitchell's Bearded Bruce
1975    Grey Lady of Willowmead
1973    Grey Lady of Willowmead
1971    Ian Marco of Dykes and Dunes

Clubwinnaars Behendigheid 

2012    Snugglebear My Sweet Charity (Paige)
2011    Fellow What a View of Happy Tale
2010    Snugglebear My Sweet Charity (Paige)
2009    Fikke To Raise A Dust (Fikke)
2008    Sweet Companion Inima (Buna)
2007    What A Surprise of Benjy Blue Belle (Barney)
2006    NL. Beh.-CH. Lucky Number Happiness For Vicca
2005    Lucky Number Happiness For Vicca
2004    Lucky Number Happiness For Vicca
2002    Shadow First Emperor of Happy Tale
2001    Babbacombe Indecent Proposal
1999    Mad Maddy Dream of Wild Flower Valey
1998    Lucky Number Sagittarius Yagush
1997    Mad Maddy Dream of Wild Flower Valley
1996    Black Murphy of Shiela's Farm
1995    Black Murphy of Shiela's Farm
1993    Xabraxas Cracklin Rosie
1992    Beardie Connections Kalligyna
1991    Donald Duck vd Warwinkel
1990    Charming Cherpa Beardies Shelter
1989    Jumpy Incredible Bubble

Clubwinnaars Gehoorzaamheid 


2012    Juliets Josette vd Wollewuif
2011    Juliets Josette vd Wollewuif
2010    Juliets Josette vd Wollewuif
2009    Lovely Expression Count of Rijnhart

2008    Lovely Expression Count of Rijnhart

2007    Lacy Blue of Bulrushwood

2006    Brittania Pop Goes the Weasel

2005    Newbourne the Last One

2004    Brittania Pop Goes the Weasel

2003    Tara

2002    Babbacombe Indecent Proposal

2001    Babbacombe Indecent Proposal

1999    Babbacombe Indecent Proposal

1998    Babbacombe Indecent Proposal

1996    Lucky Number Xunny's Adored Memory

1995    Lucky Number Murphy Esquire
1993    Xabraxas Cracklin 3 Rosie
1992    Lucky Number Xunny's Adored Memory
1991    Lucky Number Xunny's Adored Memory
1990    Notre Pebbles v. Snuffel-Knuffel

1989    Lucky Number Xunny's Sandy Santo